Around The World In 80 Sackboys

Sony Computer Entertainment has launched the official LittleBigPlanet YouTube page, and are celebrating with a contest that could send one lucky UK resident around the world.

The official UK LittleBigPlanet YouTube page is a celebration of user created content, with a section for favorites and featured users, where particularly inventive folks will have their creations showcased. Along with the chance for creators to shine, the page will also play host to tutorials from Media Molecule, cultural collaborations, the latest news, and other exclusive content, such as the Around the World in 80 Sackboys contest.


Residents of the UK can create a LittleBigPlanet level based on a real-world location and enter it in the competition of a chance to win a trip around the world for two, complete with £1,000 spending money, which at this rate might buy you a couple of coffees once the winner is announced. Contestants have between now and May 29th to enter their creations, which leaves you plenty of time to sit around procrastinating before getting to work.

The Official UK LittleBigPlanet YouTube Page [YouTube]



I wonder if the guy who they ripped the "dancing all over the world" idea from knows they're doing it.

You'd think a company as big as sony had some someone with original ideas floating around.

Seems kind of odd that they're promoting something as original as MM's LBP with something as unoriginal as this.