Protesters around the world are commemorating today's May Day with rallies in support of workers and against the economic and political powers that be. Much of this has been peaceful or at least standard Occupy-style protest-and-arrest, but in Seattle, in the same downtown area where tens of thousands of gamers gather each year to attend the Penny Arcade Expo, some protesters are smashing windows.

Seattle's KIRO-TV tweets: "Raw video: Black-clad protesters smash Niketown windows in Seattle"


Here's the video. (One of the protesters appears to be wearing... Nike shoes.)

It's ugly out there in Seattle. Smashing windows in a Niketown? It gets press, but it's not clear what productive point it makes. It seems about as productive as dressing up as a super-hero and pepper-spraying the protestors.


But here's the more peaceful scene outside the Seattle offices of Popcap, as Tweeted by the company's Jeff Green.

Violence erupts as May Day protesters flood streets [KIRO-TV, via Twitter]

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