Military games that feature robotic combat drones are normally labelled as "futuristic", or "near future". Might need to change that to "contemporary" real soon.

This video shows demonstrations by a number of companies, who were recently presenting their combat robots in front of the US military.

Yes, that is a robot firing an MG-240 machine gun. See the chains? That's just in case it breaks free (though before you freak out too much, it appears that its firing was being controlled remotely by a human being).

As Motherboard points out in a related story, there are now protest movements springing up against this kind of research, comprised of people who don't need to have played a Call of Duty game to see where this kind of thing is going.

Don't worry, it's not all terrifying glimpses of our impending mechanical demise. There are also self-driving golf carts for a dash of comedy.


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