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Dark Souls’ Moonlight Greatsword Returns In Armored Core VI

The long-running FromSoftware Easter egg is back again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A mech fights another one with a laser sword.
Image: FromSoftware

The Sword of Moonlight has been in most FromSoftware games since 1994’s first-person fantasy RPG, King’s Field. It appeared in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and even last year’s Elden Ring. Now it’s back in Armored Core VI, and it’s as fun and powerful to wield as ever.

The Most Sought After Elden Ring Sword Has A Storied History
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The Most Sought After Elden Ring Sword Has A Storied History

First a quick history lesson. 1994’s King’s Field was an extremely early game for the original Japanese PlayStation in which you fought through five levels of dreary catacombs to kill a demonic king. Its endgame featured a powerful blade called the Moonlight Sword that glowed blue and fired energy beams. FromSoftware even went on to name the development tools used for the game “Sword of Moonlight,” and the weapon went on to appear in the King’s Field sequels and most new FromSoftware games since. Even the 2004 mech shooter Metal Wolf Chaos has it.

A mech opens a treasure chest.
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku
A menu displays the name and stats for the Moonlight blade.
Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

The ongoing Easter egg is often as difficult to acquire as it is powerful to use, except in the Armored Core games where unlocking the artifact can sometimes be a relative cake walk. That’s arguably the case in Armored Core VI as well. You don’t really have to do anything special to get it, though you do have to beat one of the mech game’s tougher bosses.


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It’s called the Moonlight Light Wave Blade this time around, and it’s hidden in a lake at the end of Chapter 4. The mission begins with you killing a squad of rival ACs in war-torn ruins and then sees you fighting giant spinning disc robots beneath a bridge. You can bypass the enemies altogether, or you can destroy them all, including three at the edge of the water on the opposite side of the map. Right in the middle of them is a treasure chest with the weapon inside. The only hard part is beating the Chapter 4 boss at the end of the mission. I recommend a tank build with dual-missile launchers like Songbirds along with high-impact shotguns.

Gif: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Once you’re victorious, however, you finally have access to the Moonlight Blade. It’s strong, allows two consecutive hits, and is lightning quick. Best of all, you can charge it up to unleash an extra-big moonlight blast. And given how fun and powerful melee attacks are in Armored Core VI, it’s a great tool to have in your Assembly. It won’t be available to help you out on the boss fights up to that point, but it will no doubt be useful when going back and trying to S-rank all of the game’s missions.