To: Bash
From: Crecente
Re: The Planetarium Was...

I ordered some armor on Sunday. How often do you get to say that? Never, that's how often!


It's pretty cool, I got some (relatively) cheap Bogu from e-Bogu for about $500. Yes, that's cheap. My sensei told me that a sensei he knows in Japan spent $20,000 on a single piece of his armor. Yikes!

On Thursday he let me suit up in a very nice borrowed set of armor, only after I promised that I would be ordering mine.

Not surprisingly, sparring with armor on is a bit more tiring than without it on.

I also ordered a custom zekken with my and the dojo's name on it. Fancy!

Oh, here are the answers to my silly quiz from earlier today: Soap, Basara, s,s,b,b,b,s,b,s.


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