Armed Camels and Cats Have Never Looked So Adorable, So Deadly

Don't let the cats and camels fool you, Cat Shit One is not an animated series for the feint of heart.

Created by IDA and Studio Anima, this first 20-minute short of a new animated series details the exploits of two rabbit soldiers from Special Force "Cat Shit One" as they infiltrate enemy lines to rescue a hostage.


Yes, it's adorable to see a fuzzy rabbit with fuzzy ears and buck teeth make his way down a desert dune, but it becomes decidedly less adorable when that rabbit starts to double tap anthropomorphic camels in the head with his silenced sidearm.

Make sure to jump to 3:55 on the video to bypass the ad and trailer and get to the first episode that feels a bit like Call of Duty with talking animals.


The computer-generated original series is based on Apocalypse Meow, a three-volume manga series written and illustrated by Motofumi Kobayashi, whose other works include the Psychonauts comic and Panzergrenadier.

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