Armageddon Cat Will Ruin Your Team Fortress 2 Achievement Dreams

For the Team Fortress 2 player obsessed with joylessly grinding for Steam achievements, the community creates special maps. One of those achievement whoring maps has a special, apocalyptic surprise. A furious feline filled with lasers and bees. Bees? Bees!!

Want to experience this furry armageddon yourself? Look for a server running "achievement_all_v4," part of a series of achievement focused maps replete with ammo, bots and Team Fortress 2 players longing to acquire the hundreds of virtual accolades Valve has stuffed into the game.

PC Gamer has a deeper look at the delightfully wacky and murderous cat-filled map, which will also teach players how to spawn their own fuzzy doom.


Thanks, Graham!

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So wait, this guy makes maps for those bastard dirty cheaters, decides to put a humourous secret in one, everyone including valve decide to love him. Valve apparently want to give him a TF2 item...

I hope Valve are giving an item to the guy who made whale race then..