Arma III DLC Will Let You Play As A Humanitarian Worker

Image credit: Bohemia Interactive.
Image credit: Bohemia Interactive.
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Games have been letting us play as soldiers and combatants for decades, but there’s far more to war than fighting.


Popular war shooter Arma III’s upcoming “Laws of War” DLC will let you play as part of a new faction, the International Development & Aid Project (IDAP), and will introduce scenarios based on International Humanitarian Law. The IDAP’s goal is to rapidly respond to humanitarian disasters, and their gear loadouts will allow for roles like explosive ordnance disposal specialists. IDAP players will also have access to emergency vans, utility and de-mining drones, safety vests, messenger bags, hard hats, and a mine dispenser that is only to be used in “desperate situations.”

In addition, the DLC will feature a mini-campaign to introduce the new faction. In it, you’ll play as IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who’ll juggle deactivating mines, speaking with an investigative journalist, and getting to the bottom of what happened in Oreokastro, Greece, by “experiencing the events from the perspective of various sides, in recollections that span multiple periods of time.”


It’s a unique take on a genre typically prone to shooting first and asking questions never, but it’s not actually the Arma series’ first venture into humanitarian topics. Arma II’s “Army of the Czech Republic” DLC featured a mission in which you had to rescue civilians from a flooded city. Still, it’s cool to see developer Bohemia Interactive creating an entire expansion around the idea of humanitarian aid. The studio will even be donating a portion of proceeds to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the total amount of which it’ll apparently announce next year.

Arma III’s “Laws of War” DLC will be out “early” next month.

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Is there a mission where America shoots the holy hell out of your hospital, strafes your fleeing co-workers with Apache helicopter fire, and then responds to any attempt at justice or accountability with a dismissive shrug and a laugh?

Bitter political snark aside, this is a really cool angle that I wish would be more explored in our Shooty McGunman games. I understand the...”inability” to market that experience on a AAA Call of Duty level, but an exploration of these mechanics, themes, and topics should be done more often by a mid-tier game.

Good on ARMA for continuing this! :D