Arkham Knight PC's Next Big Patch Slated For Sometime Next Month

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Amidst chatter that the troubled PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight wouldn’t be fixed until this fall, Warner Bros. has announced that a patch addressing a large portion of its to-do list of fixes is “targeted” for release in August. Yay.

The statement, which actually does nothing to disprove that a fall date for the PC version of the game to be officially fixed, reads as follows:

As an update, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady and our partners are targeting an interim patch update for existing players to be released in August. This update will address many of the issues we listed in our June 27 update. We will provide additional details as we finalize that interim patch over the coming weeks.


Note the language being used here, specifically the word “targeting.” It’s basically saying they’d like to see this update released in August—that’s the plan right now. A plan that could easily slip, just like the plan to release a stable, non-buggy PC version of one of the year’s most anticipated games at launch, if that ever really was a plan.

Also note that this interim patch is aimed at fixing issues for “existing players”, and is not indicative of when the game will be deemed patched enough to be a product Warner Bros. is willing to sell.

In summary, this entire situation is really fucking stupid.

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I really feel like I have to research the hell out of any pc games I want buy now... It's annoying and why I'll probably buy more on console now