What’s up with those Arkham Knight soldiers running around like crazy? Batman hasn’t even done anything yet. Gosh, guys.


After finishing up the main story in Arkham Knight, I’ve been patrolling the city and going through the various sidequests. You know, removing checkpoints, blowing up drones, defusing explosives... that kind of thing. A few days ago, in the aftermath of a tank skirmish, I came across some really weird AI behavior while playing the latest Batman game.

I’d parked the Batmobile on the street while hunting for another body in the game’s The Perfect Crime sidequest and was scanning the environment in Detective Vision to try and find it. While doing that, I saw a squad of mercenaries acting uncharacteristically frantic. Usually, the groups of invading soldiers in Gotham stand still or walk predetermined routes when Batman’s not in sight, chatting each other up in loud boasts to while away the time. Even when Gotham’s guardian starts taking them out, they never completely lose their minds as Batman thins their ranks. Not like this, anyway.


You can see the freaked-out mercs in the middle-right of the screen in the video above. As I scanned the surroundings, I wondered if they might be reacting to the Batmobile being so close to their stronghold. Then I noticed that the WayneTech car-tank had a clear line-of-fire right at the Knight’s soldiers. Seemed like getting into the Batmobile and taking them out was the natural thing to do. That’ll give them something to freak out about! I haven’t been able to replicate this since it happened but am glad I saved this bizarre occurrence to share with others.

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