Arkham Knight comic book cover by Jason Fabok and Emilio Lopez. It's included in the Arkham Knight Limited Edition and Batmobile Edition:

The Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition costs £89.99 / $99.99 / €119.99 on console and £74.99 / €99.99 on PC, and comes with an 80 page art book containing concept art, a SteelBook, a Limited Edition DC Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic, three unique skins from The New 52 comics and a Batman Memorial Statue.

The Batmobile Edition, meanwhile, costs £169.99 / $199.99 / €199.99 and will only be available for console. It comes with all of the above along with a transformable Batmobile statue.

Here's the black and white version:


Via IGN.

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