This week, Batman: Arkham Knight got a few challenge mode maps lifted from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The maps were selected by fans on the game’s forums, and those fans’ actual forum conversations have been transcribed into the game itself.

The new maps, dubbed the “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6,” are now available on PC “for fans who have purchased the game for PC and are connected to the Internet,” and will come to consoles next week. (I believe that means that the map pack is free for everyone who owns the game.) The pack adds six classic combat and predator maps from previous games, including favorites like Crime Alley, Wayne Manor, and the Batcave.

When I loaded up the new AR challenges, I noticed that Rocksteady had included quotes from forum members about why each map is special.



I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite like that before: actual forum posts inserted into a (non-Kickstarter) game in such a direct way.

It’s partly PR, of course—Rocksteady is doubtless still working to regain good will after the infamously crappy launch and subsequent recall of the PC version of Arkham Knight last year. But while a few free challenge mode maps and fan quotes won’t totally undo that mess, it’s still neat to see.

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