Arkham City is (Maybe) Mark Hamill's Last Performance as The Joker

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Arkham City is pretty damn special, so the fact it's out this week is good news. That good news has been tempered with a little sadness, though, as it could be the last time we'll ever hear Mark Hamill lend his voice to The Joker.


The star of General Hospital and The Big Red One (oh, and Star Wars) first played the part of the Dark Knight's arch enemy in the 1992 Batman animated series, and has been popping up to reprise the role ever since. He, along with many of the cartoon's other cast members, was involved in Batman: Arkham Asylum, leading to his wonderful performance in Arkham City as the very ill, very tired Joker.

While the above tweet reads very much like a farewell, Hamill played it coy a few months back when he seemingly retired from the role - again, over Twitter - only to later step back from the abyss.

Here's hoping he's just fucking with us. Again. A Joker without Mark Hamill is, to many fans under the age of 40, just a strange man in a fancy suit.

Mark Hamill [Twitter]

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Otherwise we're stuck with Tim Curry's creepy Joker.