Arkham City Arrives Early at the Times Square Toys"R"Us

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Batman descends upon streets of Gotham on October 17, when Warner Bros. brings Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, comic artist Jim Lee, and game director Sefton Hill to the Toys"R"Us Times Square launch event, with 500 advance copies of the game in tow.

It's only a day earlier than the game's October 18 street date, but you can get a lot accomplished in a day. For instance, preordering your copy of Batman: Arkham City today at the Toys"R"Us in Times Square could put you in line to get a copy autographed by Lee, Conroy, and Hill. The first 100 preorders between now and October 17 score fans a spot at a special signing event to take place during Monday's big launch extravaganza.

Even if you don't score a signed copy there's still 400 regular copies up for grabs, and a chance to get your picture taken with actors dressed like Batman and Catwoman, which isn't an opportunity that comes up often, at least for normal people.


Or just head out to the store between 4 and 7 PM Monday to get your hands on a demo for the game and soak up the gamer-friendly vibes. Just be sure not to pass behind any theaters on your way home. We don't need another hero.

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Nice, I'd want the autographs of two of those people on my game. While I love Jim Lee's art, and I have some books autographed by him and a quick Batman sketch from him, he didn't have much to do with this game, so it'd be kinda weird to have his autograph on it. I'd much rather just have the other two, or them and Paul Dini (writer on the game), or Carlos D'anda (artist on a lot of the designs and such for the game and whose art is used for the character bio's in the first game). Still, sounds cool either way.