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Ark: Survival Evolved developer Wildcard has responded to players’ concerns about releasing a paid expansion to an Early Access game. They say they needed to test tech for moving between Arks, so they decided to release Scorched Earth before launch. You can read their full response here or in my updated report.


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I just bought the game on XB1 along with a few friends in an effort to try something new that was can play cooperatively.

After a few failed attempts to start on servers and in locations that proved too hostile (even on PvE servers) we found good ol’ 232. When I got on 2 of the three other players had found each other and were trying to start a settlement on a beach that had a nearby jungle. It was a good spot.

A random high level guy flew in on a mount and asked if we wanted a boat that we could build on. He explained that if we built on the beach that the resources there wouldn’t all respawn. We graciously accepted. By then we had 4 people all working together. Before we got a shelter settled on the boat two of them logged off. One guy noticed that the guy that was being nice to us was... dragging off the unconscious body of our logged off friend. When I went to check on the other logged off guy... he was also gone.

When they logged back on they found themselves stuck in cages that were unbreakable. They had to starve themselves in order to respawn and find us all over again.

When I saw what the guy had done I made sure to finish enclosing the boat habitat in order to keep the guy from dragging us off as well. It’s now a 2-story houseboat and it’s going pretty well. I just hit lvl 15 and I’m looking forward to learning how to do something cool soon.