Ariana Grande Final Fantasy Remix Is Weird, But Not Bad

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As if adding Ariana Grande’s likeness to Square Enix’s free to play mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius wasn’t strange enough, her song “Touch It,” will also be given a fully orchestrated remix for the game. It’s kind of ….good?

Music producer Nick Wood from SYN Productions, a music studio he co-founded with Simon LeBon of Duran Duran (weird!), will be handling the remix. “We’ve hired a 52-piece orchestra,” he said in the announcement trailer from this morning. “I certainly don’t think you’ve heard anything like this from Ariana Grande before, and I think Final Fantasy fans will be happy to hear something new in this game.”

This is the funniest picture I have ever seen
This is the funniest picture I have ever seen

Just in case you haven’t listened to the oeuvre of Ariana Grande: think Mariah Carey, but with worse enunciation. To give her the melodramatic treatment of a Final Fantasy game is kind of hilarious, but not not totally incongruous. The remix of “Touch It” kind of sounds like something Yuna would sing in Final Fantasy X-II. The original song is about longing and desire, but with this treatment, the aforementioned longing is being given the weight of an impending apocalypse or something. You know, Final Fantasy stuff.


If you’re desperate to know when, exactly, Ariana Grande will grace Final Fantasy Brave Exvius with her presence, Square Enix said that, “more details will be released in the middle of January,” in a press release this morning. In the meantime, I guess you’ll have to tide yourself over with this picture of a man playing a french horn for the “Touch It” remix, who seems to be pondering how his life got to this point.

Illustration for article titled Ariana Grande iFinal Fantasy/i Remix Is Weird, But Not Bad

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There has been quite a few discussions on the Reddit sub for Brave Exvius, with some people claiming they’ll quit the game (ugh) and others just sort of asking... why Arianna?

I’m rather with the latter. I think a celebrity push like this has the potential to increase visibility of the game (which is pretty fun, in my opinion) - but I wish I understood the tie-in to Grande.

Like... we have all of these celebrities that have spoken out about loving to play World of Warcraft, or Legend of Zelda, or Call of Duty, etc. I’m sure there are celebrities out there who have enjoyed the Final Fantasy series for a long time or who have tie-ins to the series (Gackt, for example, has several tie-ins to the franchise).

A celebrity tie-in where the celebrity has a direct or fan-based connection to the game would resonate better with the community than the lack of explanation they are giving now. Right now the biggest question is: Does this open the door for any celebrity? Are we going to have Justin Bieber in-game because oh my god eww...