Argue For A Virtual Boy Store On the Nintendo 3DS, If You Can

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The president of Nintendo of America and I have something in common: Neither of us has ever played the Virtual Boy, the odd virtual-reality Nintendo gaming goggles that flopped in the 90s. We haven't, so the Virtual Boy needs you.


See, once in a while here on Kotaku we write about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS system and maybe mention that you will be able to download Game Boy games to it. When we do this, some Kotaku readers wonder and wish for the ability to download Virtual Boy games. The 3DS does immersive no-glasses 3D, you reason. Surely, there's got to be a Virtual Boy store coming? Or at least there should be?

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told me last Friday that he couldn't answer these questions because he is not well-versed in the Virtual Boy. "As a consumer, I have experience with every Nintendo platform and, I think every accessory, including the Superscope, with the exception of the Virtual Boy... so it's difficult for me to articulate a point of view back to our parent company [in Japan] why we absolutely have to have a Virtual Boy store"


Fils-Aime can't argue for the Virtual Boy, people. But can you? I suggested to him that Kotaku readers could write draft memos for Reggie to send to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. No guarantees he's going to send them (in fact, I bet he won't), but please do write a memo here to Mr. Iwata in the comments.

Do what you can to argue that we should be able to download Virtual Boy games on the 3DS when it ships early next year. How convincing can you be?

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To defend the vitual boy................. wasn't that........hmm.