Looks like GameStop might have been onto something after all. Codemasters has revealed that their epic action RPG Rise of the Argonauts, developed by Liquid Entertainment, would not be hitting its original November release window, though they are still hoping to get the title out before Christmas, which is an incredibly bad sign. Coupled with the fact that they aren't saying why exactly the game was delayed, we can infer that it isn't ready for release right now, and a game not ready for release given the pressure of trying to get out the door in the next month and a half generally means a buggy mess once it hits retail. My suggestion? Just give Liquid all the time they need to make a great game, Codemasters. We've got tons to play already this season as it stands. I'd much rather get an amazing game early next year than a close but not quite title easily lost in the season's flood of quality releases. Rise of the Argonauts misses November [Eurogamer]