Destiny has been out for several months now, long enough for most people to have a pretty good sense of what it's all about. Sure, it got its grindy tentacles around a lot of us back in September, but has it managed to keep everyone playing since then?

I'm probably not representative of the average Destiny player. As much as I complain about the various things the game does wrong, I continue to play... a lot.


That's partly because I'm continually reviewing the game (I'll be revisiting my review sometime after the holidays), partly because I'm knee-deep in the new expansion, and partly because I've got a great regular team of raid buddies to go through the Vault of Glass and Crota's End each week.

Not everyone plays for those reasons, so I thought I'd ask you all where you're at with Destiny. How many of you are still playing? Who's still going strong? Who's quit?

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