Are You Ready For The World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Patch?

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Tomorrow Blizzard applies most of the major mechanical changes of Legion to World of Warcraft, giving players six weeks to get used to the new stuff before the expansion pack launches on August 30. What’s your plan of attack? Aside from leveling a gnome hunter, that is.


I just gave away the vast majority of my pre-expansion plans right there. I’m all about the gnome hunter, hoping the character race I love the most will be able to carry me to greater heights in a class I’ve never really gotten a grasp of. As long as I’ve got that “/train” emote, I’ll never get bored.

In case “/train” fails me (it probably won’t), I’ll likely dig up my level 90 mage and make the push to 100, refreshed by the new spell and combat animations coming to the game. The fine folks over at WowHead have a convenient YouTube playlist showing off how each class’ showing off will change tomorrow.

In fact, the WowHead folks have a pretty good rundown of the major character, loot and mechanic changes arriving in tomorrow’s update, from new druid animal models to weapon enchant illusions.


Meanwhile Blizzard, the folks making the game, have published a survival guide to the pre-expansion patch, detailing all the new things and what to do with them.

As the August 30 release of the Legion expansion approaches, Azeroth will slowly begin being invaded by the demonic hordes. Soon demon hunters will be available to preorder customers. Finally we’ll take the battle against the demons to the Broken Shore, an army of demon hunters and gnomes.

So, what are your plans? Aside from not playing. If you’re not playing, commenting on this article just to say that would be silly.

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I tried playing this after a long hiatus. Am I remembering things wrong or is it insanely dumbed down for new players? It felt like a new game (in a bad way).