Are You a Silent Assassin, or Do You Want to Kill Everyone in Your Way?

Now that's a question that you'll only hear in a video game trailer. Or at least I hope you only hear it in a video game trailer. I bet Hitman: Absolution's Agent 47 gets that all the time.


He's in line at Wendy's, ordering a Frosty. They ask him if he wants fries with that (of course), is this for here or to go (for here, he likes the atmosphere), and whether he's a silent assassin or wants to kill everyone in his way (up to you). Then he looks up at the Wendy's cashier and realizes that it's himself.

You know what the first gameplay trailer for Hitman: Absolution needs? No, not wigs. Okay, wigs would be pretty cool. No, it needs a Frosty and some salty fries.


Maybe that's just me.

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Holycrap... why would anyone kill everything in their way? If you want to do that, there is plenty of games to do it in!

Go for Silent Assassin, or go home.