Maybe you are creepy geek (née, "otaku"). Maybe you're not! But maybe other people say you are, and you'd really like to know whether you are, in fact, a creepy otaku. Good thing there's now a test you can take.

This test comes via 2ch, Japan's largest internet forum. It's...not scientific! But if there's one place that will know a creepy otaku when it sees one, that's 2ch.

Here are the questions. Please answer "yes" or "no".

• Can you name over seven anime production companies?

• Can you name over ten erotic game companies?

• Can you name two anime that Tatsuyuki Nagai, Seiji Mizushima, and Tatsuya Ishihara directed?

• If you hear Yukiko Horiguchi and Kanami Sekiguchi, does that mean anything to you?

• If you hear Lenfried, Mayon, and Amaguri, does that mean anything to you?

• If you hear Amaduyu Tatsuki, Coffee Kizoku, and Shironeko Sanpou, does that mean anything to you?

• Can you give the names, the ages, and the talent agencies for the four voice actresses in YuruYuri's Amusement Club?

• Do you know what the position is of "birthday seat", "mid-island", and "wall"?

• If you hear "kuruma no hito", do you know who that is?

• Do you like Erutaso less than Irisu?

If you replied "yes" to one of these questions, you are classified as a normal geek in Japan. If you replied "yes" to between two and four of them, then you are "totally creepy". If you replied "yes" to between five and seven, you are "utterly repellent". Those who replied "yes" to eight or nine questions are "seriously ill". And finally, if you answered "yes" to all ten, you are "beyond all hope".


Well, to how many did you answer "yes"?

キモオタ判定度テストできたったwwwwwwwwwwww [2ch]

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