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Are We Expecting Too Much Of Game Developers?

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In today's absolutely flawless, perfectly scupted edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Kadin wonders if gamers have set their expectations so high that no developer can ever hope to satisfy them completely.


Do we expect too much out of developers these days?

Think about it for a second. Minecraft is a perfect example of this to me. I see a lot of people day in and day out bitch that Notch isn't doing his part. They say he is continuously slacking off and not working hard enough. Do people really feel that the money they spent on the game hasn't given them the value they deserve? Did they envision some grand game that currently is nowhere near their intended end result?


I bought that game back when it was still Alpha ($13 and change USD) and I've easily gotten my money's worth out of it, no question. But I don't know if other people see it as such. Do we have so many games to choose from now that we expect everything to be of such a high caliber? So much so that anything slightly off will be dismissed as ‘lame' and ‘uninspiring'?

Someone please explain to me where this feeling of entitlement came from. I expect to get full value out of my money just like everyone but as our expectations continue to get higher and higher, eventually nothing will ever give us our ‘due' satisfaction.

I think we're becoming a community (or already are it seems sometimes) where nothing is ever good enough. Give us a gem like Mass Effect 2 and we're going to bitch about BioWare/EA's approach to DLC even though the game as delivered was stunning without any need for the DLC in the first place. Give us a great title like Portal 2 and we'll tell you we can beat it very fast if we rush like mad through it so it deserves a 0/10 review on a game site. Release a beauty of a game like Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery on iOS for the measly price of $2.99 and we're going to say to the dev, "I'll wait for it to go on sale!"

Are these just empty threats by people who simply bitch to bitch, or is this the reality of our community? Or has the quality in games really dropped off over the last few years and I simply haven't noticed?


mind = boggled

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Ryan Bashcraft

Expect too much: No, not really. If anything expectations aren't nearly high enough. Apparently Activision can itterate on a previous FPS title 6 times, overprice DLC and franchise the crap out of it and apparently people don't expect them to do better than that.

Complain too much: Fuck yes. Everywhere I go I see mindless bitching about games that are about to come out. Being a gamer on the internet is pretty much the black spot for having to listen to some self entitled idiot rant about why something is so terrible. I could live without that. So could Notch, probably. He just thought he was making something cool.