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In a great piece over on Gameranx, Jenn Frank has come up with a very long list of names. Your job? Decide which ones are video games and which ones belong to pharmaceutical drugs.


Sounds ridiculous, but then you start reading, and...oh god. It's so hard. Some are obvious, but of the 42, most will have you scratching your head and guessing.

Unless you're a chemist. In which case, you're practically cheating.

Here's the first ten:

1. Ellence
2. Elebits
3. Eledees
4. Klonopin
5. Klonoa
6. Celexa
7. Ehrgeiz
8. Sananara
9. Shannara
10. Hydlide


You might instantly recognise two games on that list. There are a lot more. And 32 more after that at the link below.

Game Title? Or Pharmaceutical? [Gameranx]

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