Are These The Video Game Characters The Defined A Decade?

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Master Chief, Nathan Drake, Alyx Vance, Niko Bellic, Kratos, The Boss, GlaDOS — just a small selection of the 30 video game stars that the newest issue of Game Informer names as the video game characters who "defined a decade."


The mag's newest issue not only sports some impressive artwork by friend of Kotaku and guest artist Sam Spratt, it kicks off a potentially heated debate about which characters had the greatest impact on video games in the 2000s. GI's newest issue will be shipping to subscribers this week with three different covers, a gaming get together that looks back on 10 years of virtual luminaries.

The above image is just one-third of the line-up, click through to see them all.

It's hard to argue with much of GI's Western-leaning list, which manages to sneak in a few lesser popular, but still memorable heroes and villains, like HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic and Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. Rockstar Games is well represented, while Nintendo is not.


Check out Game Informer's full cover at their site, see if you can name them all, and then let loose with "Where the hell is [X]?!"

December Cover Revealed [GameInformer]

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Yeah... you're missing these nine guys right here...

And yes, they're this decade. Even though the original TF was a mod for Quake, you can't deny that the characters were created for this decade.