Are These Cat Lips On DC Universe's Comic-Con Poster?

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Match the lips to the character in this teaser image from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive poster for DC Universe Online.

This teaser image popped up on the DC Universe Online MySpace page yesterday, along with a bit of overly-obvious teaser text: "I just saw the poster that we're giving out at San Diego Comic-Con and people will be "clawing" to get it." Subtle.

I'll be sure to have McWhertor add this poster to the annual list of Comic-Con exclusive merchandise he forgets to pick up for me.


DC Universe Online [MySpace via]

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What I'm wondering about all this is why Sony feels the need to tease the inclusion of certain characters. Did Doomsday really need his own trailer? No. But we keep getting these major, pivotal DC characters teased like it's a surprise, instead of them showing off people we might NOT expect to be in the game...

I guess I just don't get the point in it. We all knew Catwoman would be in the game, it's not like she's one of Batman's longest-running rivals or anything.