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Are PC Gamers the Hipsters of Gaming?

Illustration for article titled Are PC Gamers the Hipsters of Gaming?

Should we consider hardcore PC gamers the hipsters of gaming just because they tend to bring up how PC gaming did everything first whenever an innovative new console title comes out? Maybe commenter Truthtellah has a point in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Why am I only now realizing that ardent PC gamers are the Hipsters of Gaming?

We get it; PC gaming is pretty cool and has gotten a lot of things first. We just don't have to hear about it every time a console game does something. Maybe that obscure PC game from the early nineties did it first. Maybe PCs had HD graphics before everyone else. That doesn't mean we need to be reminded every time of how awesome you are to have owned a PC back then.


I love PC games; I've played them for two decades.

But a lot of console games are pretty darn great, too.

Can't we just let people be excited and enjoy themselves?

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Not hipsters. Hipsters tend to like crap and smugly talk about how much better one thing is than anything else. People who think indie games are the only thing good about video gaming are hipsters.

PC gamers are people who have been constantly demeaned and battered by the industry they love, recieving consistently crappy ports, unoptimized titles, and, quite frankly, dumber versions (Bioshock vs System Shock 2, for instance).

They're reactive.

When I hear stupid fuckwits saying things like "that game is irrelevant; let me know when it comes out on PS3," it pisses me off, particularly when I have yet to play a single game for the PS3 that I'd actually consider on par with the finest games I've played on my PC. And you know what? I hear it almost daily.

When you're limited by 2006-era tech, when people insist to you that Uncharted 2 is anywhere near the best looking game (as laughable claim as I've ever heard), when you get games that don't let you use your mouse in menus, when you get games that just aren't that smart, and when you constantly see these most-mediocre games getting more press and attention than titles you percieve as consistently better, then yeah. It's hard not to be frustrated.

If console gamers suddenly started seeing developers porting games from the PSP or NDS to thei consoles, they'd start bitching. That's essentially what's happening to PC gamers—getting gimped crap sometimes years later than everyone else.

If anything, it's a persecution complex.

If you want gaming's hipsters, look at PS3 fans (the reason the PS3 was the last of the three consoles I purchased this gen—telling me literally every time I mention a game I like that "PC games don't matter," pretending STALKER doesn't exist, or calling Halo "gaylo" isn't exactly a way to win me over, kids) or the aforementioned indie fans, who think The Man can't make a good game. Valve fans are up for contention too. While they're off acting as though Heavy Rain and Just Another Lame Platformer (which should totally be a game) are excellent games, I'll be here, enjoying my Assassin's Creeds and Serious Sams.

Last I checked, the best games ever made were almost all, with the exception of Ocarina of Time and Tetris, PC games. System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Thief, Half Life 1, The Witcher 2 (yes. I am playing it right now and other than a shitty difficulty curve, it outdoes Uncharted at being Uncharted, and literally blows Bioware out of the water; I will likely never waste my time with a Bioware game again after this)... Hell, I'd suggest STALKER, just because it's the only game to effectively put the player in a living, breathing world, but the eccentric design might throw some people off. Marathon, as the best-written game of all time, was for Mac, and that might as well be PC gaming.

Ultimately, I love gaming, particularly on the PC. It kicks ass. I haven't touched my consoles in a couple weeks now, and likely won't any time soon, since I'm replaying System Shock 2, as well as ploughing my way through The Witcher 2. Console gaming I enjoy—because who doesn't like Dead Rising 2 or Halo 3?—but it lacks the spirit, complexity, or challenge inherent in PC gaming, for the most part. Being consistently treated like a second- or third-class citizen, or even worse, a criminal, doesn't exactly help a person to feel friendly and welcoming of all gaming.

Also, since Truthtellah responded to a post of mine I made yesterday about "why isn't there more Witcher 2 coverage?" I can't help but wonder if I inspired this whole thing. That would be amusing.