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Are MOBA Games Too Fast? Go Turn-Based With Arena Of Heroes

The multiplayer online battle arena genre started off as a fast-paced variant of real-time strategy games. This week Sneaky Games dials back the action and ramps up the strategy with Arena of Heroes, a turn-based cross-platform MOBA jam for iPad, PC and Mac. What a difference taking turns makes.


It's MOBA meets chess. Players take turns deploying their four heroes. Then there's a round for computer-controlled minions. Then players go again. It's a slow-motion MOBA. A Slo-MOBA.

For those of us who spend their time in games like League of Legends cursing as more skilled players do amazingly horrible things to our characters, here lies salvation. With real-time battles that give players two minutes a turn or epic asynchronous games with days between rounds, Arena of Heroes is perfect for players without a lot of time to invest.


Did I mention it's free-to-play? Well it is, and you can get it for PC, MAC and iPad right now.

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MOBA's are the dubstep of video gaming. League is the only one I can really get into. The genre is becoming more over-saturated than the first person shooter genre.