Are Achievements Your Personal Video Game Ratings System?

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In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, KillerIri5h notices a strong correlation between how much a player enjoys a game and the amount of achievements unlocked. Can you use achievements and trophies to rate your games?


During a lazy moment today I decided to look through my past achievements on my X360. As I scrolled through 100+ games that I've played over the last 4 years I noticed a trend. Any game that had 500 (or more) of the possible 1000 points unlocked showed that I liked the game. Any game with less than 500 points meant I didn't really enjoy it (and anything with less than 100 meant I hated it). While there were a few exceptions to the rule, for the most part, it held as I scrolled through my game list.

For me, achievements and trophies have become part of the gaming experience. When I say this though I don't mean a part of the "achievement whoring" experience. I'm not going to try to get achievements/trophies on games I don't like. But if I like a game I will take the time to look at what achievements/trophies are there to be unlocked. Almost like side quests or personal challenges the developers are issuing to the players.

So does anyone else notice this trend on your gaming system of choice? If so, what is the number that lets you know if you liked the game or not?

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I personally dislike them, I miss the days when achievement was part of the game.

Beat the longest dungeon in the game? Get Some awesome armour and self gratification instead of a few points of worthless currency.

Games like Morrowind and Metroid Prime did it right - you explored the world for the sake of exploring, you did dungeons for the sake of doing them because the content was actually worth playing. Nowadays I see friends playing through games they dont even like over and over just so they can say "LOL 1000G XD I R SO AWESOM"

Achievements allow developers to be lazy. If you need a reward for doing something fucking awesome within the confines of the game, then you should be rewarded for it with something gratifying, rather than a couple of arbitrary numbers next to your gamertag.

Doing cool shit should not be about your epeen. It should be about doing cool shit.

Also, before somebody says "It's optional" you should realize it really isn't. A clever combination of peer pressure and social engineering make people want to make their number bigger for no real reason. Try playing on Xbox Live with 0 achievements. You cant even go into a lobby without millions of 8 year olds screaming "LOL HE HAZ NO CHIEVES WAT A NOOB XD" and kicking you from the game.