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Webzen has officially launched European and North American servers for MMO Archlord, picking up where Codemasters left off and delivering a brand new Swashbuckler character class to the West in the process.


As we reported in September, long-time Archlord North American and European operator Codemasters had lost the rights to run the game, with South Korean publisher Webzen taking over the reins this month. Now the North American and European servers are live, and Webzen is accepting pre-registration for transfers from the Codemasters servers to their own, with in-game cash being offered as an incentive for making the move. Codemasters players can visit Webzen's Archlord home page for details on making the move.


Sweetening the deal for Western players is the introduction of the new Swashbuckler character class, a close-quarters female fighter sporting bunny ears, as seen in the picture here. All this, plus a bunny girl? I, for one, welcome our new South Korean overlords.

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