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The experiment continues. In a quest to give people apples-to-apples sales comparisons, here are the Kotaku-coined NPD-PDs for April. That's NPDs "per day."


Every month, the NPD group releases video game sales figures for the U.S. market, covering the past month. But the "months" that NPD uses vary in length and don't align with the the modern calendar. So how do you compare the rise or decline in sales more accurately?

We proposed yesterday that the solution might be to divide each monthly sum by the number of days and present you daily averages.


So here is the result: the April NPD-PDs, with changes from March's figures note in parentheses.

April 2009 U.S. Video Game Hardware Sales - NPD-PD version
Daily averages based on the March NPD date range: 4/5/09-5/2/09

Nintendo DS- 38,519 units/day (up 22,433)
Wii - 12,593 units/day (down 4,578)
Xbox 360 - 6,481 units/day (down 2,948)
PlayStation 2 - 6,370 units/day (up 3,170)
PS3 - 4,704 units/day (down 1,525)
PSP - 4,296 units/day (down 504)

If you prefer old-school NPDs, you can still check out the April numbers.

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