April Fool's Day is definitely a thing in Japan. And here is a round-up of some, certainly not all, of the country's internet pranks. Many of them are either game or geek related things, but not all of them. And at least one of them should be real.

April Fool's Day or not, I so wish Domino's would make Pizza in a Can. It sounds utterly incredible. Pizza. In a can. Just think: Pizza for camping and the zombie apocalypse. Make it happen!

More April Fool's below.

Japanese phone carrier Au has a new smart phone bed, called "zzzPhoneBed". It's available in five colors! On sale never. [Au]

PlayStation Japan's homepage was turned into a Japanese tabloid, teasing stories like game rankings as selected by cats. Now, that I'd like to see! [PlayStation Japan]

Nissin, the folks behind Cup Noodle instant ramen, announced "Cup Pudding". Add hot water, and three minutes later, pudding that's ready to eat. [Nissin Facebook]

Google Japan is releasing a new machine to help with entering Japanese characters. Typing made easy! (Meanwhile, Google HQ is unleashing Google Nose.)

Red Bull Japan has a new line up for April: ARB48 (April Red Bull 48), a nod to idol group, AKB48. [Red Bull Japan]

Shizuoka Prefecture declared that its name has been changed to "Silent Hill Prefecture". Click on the rectangular box in the lower corner that reads "ようこそサイレントヒルへ" (Welcome to Silent Hill) and see what happens. [Shizuoka]

From Konami, we have Pop'n Music characters on hug pillows. M'kay. [Konami]

Final Fantasy fan site Intermezzo reported that Tokyo's Shibuya Station, which looks like a role-playing game dungeon, is getting save points. 'Bout friggin' time. [Intermezzo]

Xbox-news.com teased a special comic, with famous manga characters in Xbox 360 games. [Xbox-News]

Kodansha, one of Japan's largest publishers, promoted "iKA", an e-reader made from a living squid ("ika" can mean "squid" in Japanese). According to the April Fool's site, you can buy these readers in bulk, because they last about a week. [Kodansha]

Back to the Future IV? Now, that is just cruel. Not funny! Don't play with my heart like this! [via Universal Museum]

Domino's Pizza Japan announced "Pizza in a Can". While it's a parody of the "bread in a can" trend, Domino's Pizza Japan should make this product real. I'd totally stock up. [Domino's]

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