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Gizmodo have turned up an interesting job advert for Apple, the computing giants on the look-out for somebody to handle a project involving 3D graphics & environments, character design and multimedia experiences. All for the company's iPhone.


Now, on its own, that doesn't count for much. While a project involving such things could be for games, it could easily be for something else, like, say, an avatar-driven contacts list. After all, there's no specific mention of video games in there at all.

But then consider this: Apple's App Store is becoming almost unworkable as it grows in size. And games are the biggest thing on the store. Then factor in Apple's recent hiring of ex-Ensemble lead designer Graeme Devine, and suddenly, we're seeing a lot of seemingly unrelated things moving in the same general direction...


Fancy a shot in the dark? Here's my take: having taken a good look at how video game consoles operate (in terms of UI) over the past few years, Apple are working on a gaming "front" for the iPhone, complete with avatar mingling space (ala Home) and a marketplace for both games and add-ons, free of the current App Store.

Apple Wants Video Game Artist for 3D Characters and Environments [Gizmodo]

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