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One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone as gaming platform is its lack of physical controllers. That may be changing soon.


The inclusion of more robust Bluetooth support and other changes delivered in firmware 3.0 allow Apple and third-party developers to create game controllers for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

And Apple seems pretty sure they're coming, so sure, in fact, that it is one of nine things mentioned on the front page talking up the 3.0 update that is free for iPhone users, but will cost Touch owners $10.

Third-party Game Accessories
Connect fun new game accessories via the iPod touch 30-pin connector and Bluetooth.


A source told Kotaku earlier this month that some controllers for the devices already exist, and that they use Bluetooth. Personally, I don't think I'd want to snap a controller onto my iPhone and carry it around, but our source points out that game controller add-ons could be a great companion for long trips.

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