Apple Is Now Refunding People Whose Kids Bought iPhone Crap

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It's a tale as old as the iPhone itself. Kid picks up parent's iPhone, kid plays game, kid accidentally buys a ton of in-app junk without their parent's knowledge. Parent goes bananas, complains to Apple.

Those complaints got too loud to ignore for Apple, so in February it agreed to a large settlement. That settlement is now live, via a special website Apple have launched, where parents making small claims can opt for either iTunes credit or, in cases where the amount claimed was over $30, cash.

Apple aren't handing out money for nothing; parents will need to prove their kids made the purchases without their knowledge, and only games listed as "qualified" apps will be covered (though that list appears to cover all the main culprits, like Smurf's Village and Angry Birds).


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This is bullshit; so instead of parents doing their fucking jobs and watching what their little monsters do, Apple has to bend over backwards to appease the morons who give their offspring free reign with their credit card and iTunes login. How utterly absurd. Control your children, people. If you are not responsible enough to be a damn parent, don't have any! It's bad enough the rest of us have to suffer for Apple's family values crap by censoring apps on the App Store, now we have to deal with these future recipients of the Darwin Award.

What's next? McDonald's will have to refund parents money for making their kids fat? Chuck-E Cheese's for turning them into gamblers? Fucking ridiculous.