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Apparently We're the Refs of the Game Testers' Speed Eating League

This Sunday I facetiously suggested that an Activision game tester had claimed the world record fastest time for eating a horrible meat sandwich called the Double Down. Disney Interactive Studios wants it known they have just obliterated the mark.


While I acknowledge this joke might be played out, the very last thing I want said is that we were somehow carrying water for a major publisher because we refused to post a video of another publisher bettering their performance at anything - making games, testing them, firing developers or eating horrible meat sandwiches.


So here we are: Disney Interactive, using the rotate-and-chew method, beats Activision's 57.97 seconds by more than 20 seconds with a final time of 35.8 seconds - and calls out Electronic Arts in the process.

You know, Walter Day recently retired, if he needs something to do, maybe I can hand off this duty to him?

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I'm just gonna leave this here again.