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Aphex Twin: Xtal

The man the world knows as Aphex Twin, and who his mother knows as Richard David James, is a British electronic artist who is kinda famous for face-shattering tracks like Come to Daddy.


Which, you know, aside from having an awesome video, I'm not that big a fan of.

What I am a big fan of is his first studio album, Selected Ambient Works 85–92, which has been the soundtrack to more hazy Sunday mornings than I care to remember. If fried bacon and Gatorade doesn't make me feel better, this will.


Using a synth, keyboard and samples from RoboCop and Willy Wonka, James put together one of the most beautiful and acclaimed collections of electronic music ever made, and even now nearly twenty years after its release (it was first out in 1992), it sounds amazing.

Soundtrack isn't news. It isn't video games. It's just Kotaku editors sharing music they dig. Enjoy!

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inb4 someone calls this "dubstep"