Apex Legends’ Worst Gun Is Good Now

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Screenshot: Apex Legends (Respawn)

For a time, there were a few constants in my life. The sky? Blue. The grass? Green. The Mozambique shotgun? The worst gun in Apex Legends. That gun was so bad that the game’s developers at Respawn added an animation showing you throwing away the gun is disgust.


Change has come to King’s Canyon, and even more shocking than the giant dinosaurs that have lumbered onto the map, is that the Mozambique is now worth holding onto.

The Mozambique’s improvement largely seems due to the addition of a new gun attachment, or hop up as they’re called in Apex Legends, called the Hammerpoint. It was added to the game as part of Apex’s second season, which started on July 2. It does additional damage to enemies without a shield and is compatible with the Mozambique.

Apex Legends players have realized that when you combine the Mozambique with the Hammerpoint, the gun gets nasty. If you use another, more powerful gun to chip away at another player’s shield, you can now whip out your Mozambique and finish them off.

I’ve been sitting around in shock watching Apex gameplay videos of people straight murdering other people with the Mozambique. It seems the rest of the fandom is as surprised as me. One player wrote “If a few months ago someone told me the new weapon meta was p2020/alternator/mozam I would’ve shit my pants laughing, this is crazy,” on the Apex Legends subreddit, and it was upvoted over a thousand times.

The Respawn team hasn’t said that the gun’s stats have changed. So to make the most of the gun, you’ll probably need that attachment, which you can find randomly on the map. Helpfully, Respawn has also changed the way pinging your teammates for hop ups work, making it easier to ask for one if you need it. If you ask your teammates for a hop up and your gun is only compatible with one of them, you’ll call out to ask for that specific hop up instead of just asking for one generally. This is useful when you’re running through an area and looting, as it can be very easy to forget what kinds of guns your teammates have and what they might need. The Mozambique is only compatible with the Hammerpoint, so go ahead and ping away until you get it.

I can’t believe I am typing this but: the next time I hop into Apex Legends, I can’t wait to grab a Mozambique and see what it can do. Now I’m gonna make sure the sky hasn’t turned green.



Alternator was always pretty legit if you wanted an all rounder that had very good hipfire, i’m not really sold on the 2020/Mozambique performances yet though i’ve not played enough games with them and tbh I don’t think i’ve been killed by them in a season 2 game yet.

Anyone got any numbers? how hard does the 2020 hit on life with hammerheads? (does 12 by default I think)