Apex Legends Players Are Launching Themselves All Over The Map With A New Bug

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Screenshot: Apex Legends (Respawn Entertainment)

A new Apex Legends bug has players soaring into the stratosphere, and players are using it to prank their friends and also play themselves.

Apex Legends is all about fluid movement. The key to not getting shot is strafing effectively, always staying just out of your enemy’s crosshairs. Players have figured out a bunch of tricks to do this using the game’s established systems, especially the ability to slide down hills while crouching. Yesterday, a fan discovered a new way to propel themselves across a map: If you punch the lid of an open supply bin, it’ll store the knockback power and hurtle you into the air if you then jump on it.


Some players are using this bug for a quick escape route to places across the map, or landing on top of rare loot by accident. Other players are eating shit.

Gif: Headbed

Still others are using the bug to prank their friends, like this player, who convinced his teammate to hurl himself into the sea.


Some players compare the effect to Octane’s launch pads. Octane is a new character that was introduced with the battle pass. His ultimate ability allows him to drop a launch pad on the ground for himself and his teammates—but who needs that now that there’s this weirdo glitch with the supply bins?


The launching effect is so funny to players that it’s begun to turn into meme material. This funny post from BottlecapXbox has him launching from Apex Legends into another game entirely.

I can’t wait to try this out for myself, though knowing my luck, I’m more likely to fling myself into an enemy team than anything else.

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The only sucky part is it takes around 60 to 8p punches to get a really good launch. But it's fun.