Apex Legends’ New Character Octane Is Perfect For Blindsiding Enemies

After spending a day now with Apex Legends’ new addition to the roster, fast-moving Spanglish-slangin’ daredevil Octane, I find myself picking him naturally, since he gels so well with my play style. So I sat down with Kotaku’s Riley MacLeod to talk about everything we like about Octane and our trouble trying to make the Apex-coin-to-dollar conversion.


Watch the video above or read an excerpt here:

Paul: [Octane] offers a really cool skillset. His passive ability allows him to regenerate health over time, which I found useful, but it hasn’t been that much of a game-changer. But it can be if you just need to hide for a bit.

Riley: Yeah, I think you can use it really well in combination with his tactical, which lets him run faster at the cost of some health. I feel like in Apex, at least for me and my skill level, if I get into a fight, I’m in the fight. I survive or I don’t survive, so the idea that you could get into a scrape and naturally heal over time hasn’t been an experience I’ve had. But I could definitely see people using it really well.

Paul: I did notice that when I got a couple of hits in and ran away to heal, your health does tick back along with the added boost of a medkit or a syringe… It can actually make a difference in the heat of the moment when you have to make the call to stop healing and just know the rest of it will come eventually, assuming you don’t get hit.

But his second ability, which I really love, is the little speed boost he gets at the expense of some health. That has actually saved me a lot. I love to flank. I’m the guy any time we play a game like this— especially like in Battlefield or something. I’m like, “Where is the opening? Where’s my window?” With Octane and that ability, there’s always a window.

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Two days into season 1 and some players have hundreds of kills with the new character, dozens of team wins. We need ranked play.