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Apex Legends is about to kick off its third season next week with a new character, Crypto, and an overhaul to the game’s Ranked mode. But there’s also a pretty big surprise waiting for players when Season 3 launches on October 1: A new map, called World’s Edge.


Announced in the Season 3 launch trailer, the map seems to have a strong fire-and-ice theme, in keeping with the season’s “Meltdown” title. Since the trailer is an animated cinematic and not actual gameplay, it remains to be seen what the map will actually be like. However, the trailer does suggest it’ll have a moving train. I’d be into that.


Like all previous seasons, Meltdown will come with an all-new battle pass with new Legendary skins and Apex packs, and according to EA, more is coming “all season long.”

Update 9/28, 1:48pm—Here’s a video showing gameplay footage of the new map.

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