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Apex Legends' Third Season Will Bring A New Character, Changes To Ranked Mode

Respawn has officially revealed the next champion slated to join Apex Legends. Players can get their hands on hacker Crypto, a brand new weapon, and a slew of battle pass goodies alongside extensive changes to the game’s Ranked mode when season three, called Meltdown, arrives October 1.


Today’s “Stories from the Outlands” cinematic isn’t the first time Apex Legends players are hearing of the elusive upcoming character. Crypto’s name and abilities were first revealed by dataminers before he was teased in the season two launch trailer. The tech-based legend made his in-game debut earlier this week by way of a brief Easter egg in the new Singh Labs area of the map. The cinematic suggests that Crypto has arrived in Kings Canyon to save, or possibly avenge, a missing friend.

Meltdown will also introduce a new energy weapon known as the Charge Rifle and an updated Battle Pass with new rewards.


There will also be updates to Ranked mode, which include a soft reset that will reduce everyone’s ranked position by 1.5 tiers, slight adjustments to scoring, and increases to the amount of ranked points it will cost to play in higher-tier Silver matches and above. Players can also expect rank-indicating badges to return, as well as new cosmetic rewards like gun charms and dive trails that also show off how high they’ve climbed in the rankings. And after deactivating the feature in the first season of Ranked mode to avoid false positives, Respawn plans to implement harsher matchmaking penalties for abandoning teammates in the middle of a game in the next season.

“Overall, we’re really happy with how the introduction of Ranked Leagues has worked out, and we’re excited for what we can learn and adjust as this second wave gets out to players,” the official announcement states.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Got to say, the slow rollout of Crypto and his hacking exploits shaping the season 2 and season 3 and popping up here and there has been inspired and fun to watch.

I literally ran into him hacking the hidden office in the portal before seeing it on reddit and freaked out my friends over comms about seeing Crypto notice me and beeline it out.