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Apex Legends Is Getting A Mirage-Themed Holiday Event

Illustration for article titled iApex Legends/i Is Getting A Mirage-Themed Holiday Event

Tonight, my boyfriend Mirage from Apex Legends announced a new limited-time holiday event, Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash.


This event comes with extremely adorable new skins. Everyone looks like they’re in The Nutcracker! Once again, I want to thank Respawn for marketing Apex Legends directly to me.

This event apparently starts now, so as soon as Geoff Keighley sets me free I am going to hop right in to celebrate the reason for the season: Mirage.

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For a “Free” game, I have given this company an awful lot of money :)

The Wraith and Mirage Halloween skins were too awesome to pass up. Pretty sure i’ll end up buying at least Caustic’s this time around.