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New Apex Legends Bug Lets Players Attack Each Other Before Matches

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: EA

The latest Apex Legends update dropped today, bringing with it balance adjustments, limited-time duos matches, and the long-awaited Firing Range practice mode. But sometimes we have to take the good with the bad, which in this instance means dealing with the arrival of a bug that gives players the ability to attack and even knock each other down before they even leave the dropship.

Apex Legends was updated just a few hours ago, but social media has already been inundated with examples of the bug. Oddly enough, it only occurs during the loading screen before a match, but that’s apparently enough time to deal enough damage to unequipped players and put them on their backs.


The bug isn’t confined to just duos, either. Footage from Twitch streamer DKbicboi shows him going down before a regular three-on-three match.


This clip purports to show the bug extending to teammates, even though Apex Legends doesn’t have friendly fire.

While hilarious, this bug does pose some problems for folks serious about their Apex Legends experience. The beginning of matches is always a frantic race for weapons and resources, and having to pick up a teammate that someone managed to knock down before the match started can drastically eat into the amount of items they are able to pick up and make them sitting ducks for more well-prepared teams.

I tried this out myself on PlayStation 4, and while it’s dead simple—all you have to do is spam the melee button and wait for those satisfying crunching sound effects—it will likely take some coordination to knock someone down with this bug, since you can’t really see what’s happening. I managed to land a couple of hits on an unsuspecting opponent before the match started, but didn’t do enough damage to take them out. Still, it can definitely ruin someone’s day should there be several players in the queue that are willing to use the bug for nefarious purposes.

That said, the main draw of today’s Apex Legends patch is the addition of duos, a mode that focuses on pairs rather than teams of three. Like the singles mode before it, duos will only be available for a limited time.

The new Firing Range mode allows for more extensive training by providing a safe place for players to get their bearings and try out a variety of weaponry without opponent interference. It also allows for quickly swapping between characters without having to leave the game, in order to learn everyone’s unique abilities.


Like other battle royale shooters, Apex Legends is constantly changing, with frequent balance updates and content releases that keep players coming back for more. While I’m sure the annoying pre-game bug won’t survive much longer, it remains to be seen how the rest of this update’s changes are received by the greater community.