Apex Legends Gets A Slew Of Temporary Modes, Starting Today

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Apex Legends’ “Grand Soiree” event kicked off today. For the next two weeks, the game will feature a series of special modes, along with unique challenges and rewards. I tried out the first of the new modes today to see how they freshen things up.


Each mode lasts two days. The first mode, available today and tomorrow, is “Gold Rush Duos,” which features teams of two and only lets players wield gold weapons, which come with Legendary attachments pre-attached. Other modes, as laid out in a blog post by the developers at Respawn last week, will be:

  • Jan 16-17: Live.Die.Live—“automatically respawn on living teammates when the ring closes”
  • Jan 18-19: Third-person mode—the usually first-person game is switched to third person view
  • Jan 20-21: Always Be Closing—“Keep on the move, avoiding big damage from a ring that won’t slow down”
  • Jan 22-23: Armed and Dangerous On World’s Edge—“Shotguns and sniper rifles with limited armor”
  • Jan 24-25: King’s Canyon After Dark—night mode
  • Jan 26-28: DUMMIEs Big Day—the video shows brightly colored non-player characters, familiar from the game’s tutorial level, fleeing the player

Each mode has three unique challenges that grant points which unlock event-specific gun and character skins. Points also count toward the game’s battle pass. The mode launched alongside some bug fixes and tweaks, including an increased cooldown for Wraith’s Into the Void power and the removal of Extended Energy mags, which Respawn writes “will make much more sense with the release of Season 4.” The patch notes also mention the launch of tournament mode, a private match feature currently “limited to approved partners.”

I didn’t last long in my Gold Rush Duos matches today, given the smaller squad size, increased weapon damage, and a bit of my own rust. My go-to battle royale Fortnite has featured rotating limited-time modes for a while (I played its version of Gold Rush Duos, “Solid Gold,” just last week), which always give me something to do when the standard game gets stale. I’m excited to see Apex Legends trying a similar thing, and I’m definitely curious about some of the upcoming modes. 



Ah yes, the good ol’ “let’s butcher the French language a tad more” event name. It should be Grande Soirée, it’s pretty simple really since soirée is feminine. Or Grand Evening if you can’t muster the strength to do proper research [in this case, 30 seconds on Google Translate].

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