Apex Legends Developers Listen To Kotaku Article, Add 'You're Welcome' Button

Illustration for article titled iApex Legends/i Developers Listen To iKotaku /iArticle, Add Youre Welcome Button
Screenshot: Apex Legends

Apex Legends now has a “you’re welcome” button. You’re welcome.

Every time a player says “Thank you” in Apex Legends using the ping system, I had always wanted to be able to say “you’re welcome.” I felt that way in February, and I feel like that now. That’s just what you say when people say thank you. We all know this, and I would like to be polite in my bloodsport.


Apex developer Respawn has listened to me and other fans, and has now added a “you’re welcome” button to the game. You press it, and you can say “you’re welcome. I couldn’t be happier.


I think it’s nice to be nice, so clearly, I am pleased. Unsure of what to do next with my powers, though. Think I can stop climate change by wanting to be nicer?

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Button is a rare drop and costs 150$ in loot boxes ;p