Anyone Up For Some God Eating?

If you've ever said to yourself, "I'm so hungry I could eat a whole God", then Namco Bandai's latest trademark filing is right up your alley.

The trademark finders at Superannuation have uncovered a recently filed trademark application from Namco Bandai Games for a game called "God Eater". The application was filed on May 5th, and covers "Video game cartridges, computer game programs" as well as "Entertainment, namely providing a computer game that may be accessed network-wide by network users via mobile phones and computers; providing computer games via network between communications networks and computers". It most likely won't be a video game about actually eating gods, but until Namco Bandai actually reveals what the title is feel free to imagine nipping into a steaming hot plate of theological beings.


And "video game cartridges?" How very quaint.

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