Creative Assembly - the team behind the Total War series - have told Eurogamer that they've not only been talking about a console version of the acclaimed strategy series "a lot over the years", but that they'd "love to do it". Coming on the heels of Ensemble's turn to a console game, then closure, dyed-in-the-wool PC gamers will no doubt be reacting with a mix of rage and rage. Of course, there are plenty of obstacles in their way, limited console lifespans and the complexity of the PC versions the primary two amongst many. As a long-time devotee of the Total War series, I'm hoping this outpouring of intent is harmless, akin to me saying "I'd love to buy a private jet, fill it with plastic balls (ala a ball pit) and order the pilot to make with the barrel rolls". It'd be awesome, but it's never going to happen. Dev would "love to do" console Total War [Eurogamer]