Anyone Could Be Struck By Lightning At Any Time

Maybe the metal chair is a bad place to sit.
Gif: Roblox / Kotaku

In VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh’s new Roblox game, Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time, anyone could be struck by lightning at any time. Your job is to not be. But you will. It’s inevitable.


You can jump. You can run. You can swim. You can dress up in the weird pseudo-MAGA outfit hackers were defacing Roblox player avatars with back in July of last year. None of that will help. You will get struck by lightning.

Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time is a survival game of sorts. You gather with other players on a storm-swept island in the middle of the ocean and wait for nature to take its course. Every 30 seconds or so, lightning strikes a random player. All you can do is hope that player is not you.

There’s a biggun.
There’s a biggun.
Screenshot: Roblox / Kotaku

If you are struck, you die, and your survival counter resets. If you survive, your counter goes up, and your avatar grows bigger. I’ve seen players survive upwards of 30 strikes, at which point they were absolutely huge. My record so far is 17.

There is nowhere to hide, no strategy to employ. It’s a completely random game of survival. There’s a glorious tension that builds as your survival number goes up, and a strange sense of relief when the lightning finally claims you. The storm sounds are nice as well.

This is the second Terry Cavanagh Roblox game I’ve played, the first being the Climb The Giant Man obstacle course. Compared to that goal-oriented jumping game, Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time is much more satisfying and unique. And probably a lot less work.


If you’d like to try Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time for yourself, hit up the Roblox game page and click play.

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Gallus Advocatus, Esq.

So you grow bigger, and the terrain includes elevation, but lightning DOESN’T strike the highest player, and there’s “no strategy to employ”?

Sounds like a screensaver, not a game.