Ants, Meet Vacuum Cleaner

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Three for Three

Haven't read any of those yet. Reading through a Kurt Vonnegut book for the umpteenth time. Did I ever tell you I have Kurt Vonnegut's autograph? I do. Oh yes.

I made it through a week! I have survived! The child, Micro-Bash, is alive! Yay!

One more week to go, but I feel like I've gotten into the rhythm of looking after him as Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash spend a nice time in America.


Today, however, there were some ants in the kitchen. I vacuumed them, which I assume is okay, right?

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Oh my, why did you do this. These where the foreign sisters of my little friends. Look at the picture. This is my ant farm. And you killed their family. You monster.